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When You Are Tired of Being Tired

I am exhausted. Down right worn out and I am tired of being tired.

Tired of Being TIred

Do you remember my word for this year, Balance? I am having a hard time finding the balance. Every day something or someone gets the most of my attention, I’ll be honest there isn’t a lot of balance going on. I find myself lacking in some area, not doing something on my huge to do list and this is leaving me feeling like I am not doing enough. When in all reality it’s because I am doing so much for the ones I love and forgetting I have needs. I am always doing for others, putting myself last and forgetting MY needs. Draining myself to the point I am so tired I can not see past my list of to-dos.


I know the saying “Put your own oxygen mask on before helping others” but I don’t even know where my oxygen mask is. I am not complaining, each thing on my to-do list brings me great joy. I do not want to remove anything. I do want to lesson my stress and this overwhelming feeling of exhaustion.

This right here is me.

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As hard as it is to admit I am not always pleasant to be around. I can yell, be short-tempered  and extremely low on patience with everyone around me. I always wait until I get to this point to do something about it. I know it can not be healthy for me or my family. My mood sets the tone for my household and this is not the mood I want filling myself and those I love.

So now what? What do I do to prevent myself from turning into a red eyed, head spinning monster? I am not Daniel Tiger so counting to four isn’t going to work for me. I need to practice selfcare to be able to care for those I love. Self care doesn’t have to mean a long spa day or a night away. You can take care of yourself by doing little things each day. If you are like me this is hard to do but it is a must.

Self Care

  1. Stop feeling guilty. You need to care for yourself. I know as mother’s we feel like we have to put everyone’s needs in front of our own but by doing this you are still putting your family first. Taking the time to renew yourself you are able to give them the best you.
  2. Wake up before the kids. I actually already do this one. I am not a morning person but I set my alarm for 5:45am every morning so I can wake, get a shower, drink my coffee and catch up on some things before the kids wake up and start demanding my attention. I can tell a difference in my mood when I hit the snooze and miss this special quiet time in the morning. I need it.
  3. Don’t compare yourself to others. This one gets me, I look at others and wish I could be do half as much as them. I have to remind myself it is not all it appears to be. People like to present their best self, rarely do they let you see the messy side.

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  4. If you can’t get an entire afternoon away, carve out time in your daily schedule that is just yours. Read a book, drink your coffee alone, workout, do whatever it is to help you get 15 minutes to yourself. Take advantage of nap time or let them have some screen time.
  5. Take a long relaxing bath or shower. I feel so rejuvenated after a good hot shower or bath. I do my best thinking in the shower and I love this time to myself to just relax and think.
  6. Get together with other moms. Sometimes I just don’t feel like playing another game of dinosaurs or shopkins. I just want to relax and have some adult conversation while the kids enjoy some fun playtime with their friends.
  7. Make lists. Make a top 3, put things that HAVE to be done at the top. What doesn’t get done moves to tomorrow, if it doesn’t get done there is always tomorrow. We absolutely can not plan out every detail in our life.
  8. If you possibly can, get away for a quiet afternoon. Do this alone or meet up with a friend. Unwind and just do you for an afternoon. You deserve it.
  9. Remember you can not do it all. Delegate and show your self some grace. You are doing a fabulous job juggling everything you have on your plateI am done with being tired of being tired. I am going to work on being the best me I can be, not just for me but for my entire family. What are you doing that helps you unwind, relax, and focus on yourself?

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  1. Love this! I joined a beginners running group every Monday and Thursday for about an hour. When it ended, I tried to keep the same schedule. I find I’m much less grouchy when I get home those nights. Day off for me is s struggle, haven’t quite conquered the guilt of feeling like I should be absorbing every minute with the girls

  2. Girl I hear ya! I mean everything in here. I’m tired to I crash into bed no get up at 5 something as well. I am so much better when I do this. And the comparing, you are right you don’t ever see the full picture. I can’t tell you how many times I have bought into the lie of a mom having and doing it all and wondering what’s wrong with me. I almost always find out that that is impossible something’s got to give. Hang in there and thanks for the tips

  3. Great post!
    My time is when I shower or when I grocery shop… I just linger and enjoy the peace and quiet. I get a lot of thinking done too. But having time to spend with other moms is helpful too. We need adult time to unwind.

  4. Ugh…I SO remember being tired of being tired back when I was a single mom. I’ve never been so tired before or after those hard years! It’s so important, like you said, to get together with other moms and take time away to recharge.

  5. I can definitely relate to trying to do everything everything. I succeed a lot, but I am really quite tired. And by tired I mean sleepy, bone-tired, and mentally-drained. Every kind of tired there is. It feels like an unneeded sacrifice to practice self-care but my mom- and wife-duties are easier to take on when I do something for myself too.

  6. These are all great suggestions! My favorite is #7 making a list. Not only does it feel good to cross things off, but I find myself more productive if I have a clear plan and list, so at the end of the day I feel more productive and feel better and more energized.