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The things I have to say

As a mom you have to say some pretty fun and interesting things. I wanted to compile a list of a few things I have had to say over the last few weeks. (I am sure I am missing a ton of good ones)

    • “Maxx, you can not pee at the park.” I say in a park full of people who can see my child urinating just outside the play area
    • “Maxx, STOP peeing in the flower garden!” a quick little lesson about why we can’t pee in public followed.


        • “Stop trying to hit your brother with the Orr!” As Maxx is ducking to miss the inevitable beating.
        • “Mommy can burp on command too” I announced in the middle of a burping contest.
        • “Stop putting erasers in my hair?” This was a weird game, I still don’t understand.
        • “Is that chocolate or poop” Mom classic for sure.
        • “If I have to tell you one more time.” ………….continue to repeat myself 17 more times.


    • “Where are your shoes? Seriously where are your shoes?” I ask 8 times a day.
    • “You don’t want to go to the cold store? Ok, I am not sure what you mean but we won’t go to the cold store” Pull into Aldi’s parking lot and instant tears for arriving at the cold store.

{my explanation and reasoning of why this is not the “cold store” was clearly not getting through to him”

    • “Stop eating paper. Seriously stop” Pretty sure he ate an entire piece.
    • “Whyyyyyyy did you do that?” Looking at 10000 tiny pieces of smashed crackers


    • “Get your toe out of your mouth” I have to say this one more than I should.
    • “Who ate this entire stick of chapstick?” I ask knowing it was the same one who ate the paper.
    • “Why would you take a bite of my deodorant?” Betchya can’t guess which kid did this!
    • “I love you so much! Do you know how much Mommy loves you?” I say more times a day than I can count. I am forever loving my set of crazies.


It is fun, I love looking back after the fact and laughing at the things we say. My kids sure keep me on my toes. What are some funny things you have had to say lately?

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  1. I say all the time…why don’t I keep track of all the crazy things that I say! You are so right! My daughter doesn’t like going to “cold stores” either. HAHA! She considers Costco the cold store (walk in fridges / freezers).

  2. Well… lately, I am reminding my crazies that they are now young adults and therefore it is not my responsibility to “take care of”, remind them to do…, or make sure all of their socks don’t have holes in them. To the 19 year old who lives away from home for college: “When you come home, flush your toilet.” really? Recently to the 21 year old who also lives away at college, she obviously was having a bad day and I called right at her peak melting point… “OK. Well, I don’t need to hear about your major malfunction. You can call me when you’re nice again. Love youuuuuuu bye.” “no, I’m not getting your taxes done for you this year, go to h&r block” “Yes, this is life. Something unexpected happens to all of us, every day. Every day life is going to punch you in the mouth, some days it hits harder than others, don’t go looking for it but be prepared for it and keep on rollin” I don’t know that having young adult children is any easier than having them as toddlers again but I do know being a mother of kids at every age is an experiment in intestinal fortitude. LOL