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Tales From Poop Mom

You know when Facebook shows you “On This Day” and you get to go back and look at some awesome memories, or maybe delete a few posts you posted back in 2009 when you were having “the worst day ever“. Mine likes to show me some pretty fun things I have posted over the years and never realized how much crap my kids do. Literally crap, my timeline is filled with poop.

Literally crap, my timeline is filled with poop. I love these babes, I really do but I am shocked I still have even an ounce of sanity left in my system. Want to start your day off right? Have a look back on my facebook timeline and be thankful you didn’t have to clean any of this up!

Who does this?

All this kid thinks about is poop


Guys, why?


We read books about poop


We play pranks with poop


and they do this, I still have no answers.


There is so much more I don’t even post about. I once walked into a poop filled room where two little boys were supposed to be sleeping and instead played monster trucks on piles of poop. It was awful. We find poop in the strangest places, in closets, smeared on the walls, in shoes.  I am not even sure they are human anymore!

Despite their absolutely disgusting behavior, I still love them and I wouldn’t change them in the slightest. Well, I may change the amount of poop I have had to clean up! I have earned my title as “PoopMom”

What about you? Do you have any fun stories? Please tell me I am not the only one who has poop stories.

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  1. Lol!!! So funny how kids are fascinated with poop….i have to checkout that book looks funny 😊