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Take The Trip

When was the last time you got away? It doesn’t have to be for a week or even the entire weekend. When was the last time you spent 24 hours away from the daily grind with just you and your spouse? Some of you may not even remember and I am here to tell you to take the trip.

With three soon to be four children, my husband and I don’t get a lot of uninterrupted time together. Our conversations involve multiple interruptions, delayed conversations and too many high stressed conversations trying to out talk the little people who are constantly begging for our attention.

Sometimes do you just want to run away? Yes? Well, do it. Pack your bags and head out for the weekend. It is time you invest some time into yourself, your spouse and your relationship. The excuses are piled up on reasons not to go but so are the reasons to take the trip.

Like I said this doesn’t have to be a long trip. My hubby and I sometimes can only swing 1 night away at our favorite bed and breakfast. That 24 hours absolutely helps us reset for our daily lives when we return home.


If a spontaneous trip is not possible, sit down and plan the dates that will work for you both. Find your babysitter, book your room and start the countdown. It always helps to have something special to look forward to. It doesn’t have to be a week-long adventure, one night away can leave you feeling refreshed just as much as a week long getaway.


When you start the search for your trip figure out what you can afford. The last thing you want to do is plan a relaxing getaway and end up fighting over finances when you get there. Evaluate the biggest bang for your buck and start saving. Remember to factor in your lodging, travel, food and any other expenses you might have while you are away.

Clear your head

Sometimes it is just so nice to get away and get a new perspective. Step away from the daily grind of life, full schedules, and demands of life for a short time. This is a great opportunity to gather new inspiration in a new setting.


Take this time to connect with your spouse. Quality time is so important and I feel in our daily lives we tend to push it aside. I love to just be with Keith, no matter what we are doing I find peace in his presence. We are more relaxed in our conversations knowing we don’t have to rush through a sentence before hearing “Hey, watch this” for the hundredth time.


Don’t stress about what is happening at home. Try not to request constant updates from the sitter, you left the children in capable hands. This is a time to unwind and relax so try your best to soak in the uninterrupted quiet time. Nothing is better than a nice long bath reading a book without someone knocking on the door wanting to know where the animal crackers are.

So now that is decided, where will you be heading? The beach, a local Bed and Breakfast, hotel and night on the town? Let me know!




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  1. I’m embarrassed to admit that we just hired a babysitter for the first time in three years, so we definitely haven’t taken an overnight trip in some time. We have local family who would be happy to watch the kids, but it is tough since we both work and get such limited time with them. I will say though, you are so right about making it a priority. It is important to your marriage. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. We have spent the night at a local hotel while my mom stayed with the kids a couple of times. I think the last was before kid #4. Or #3. I can’t even remember and it was only a few years ago either way! Now that the youngest is 2, she can finally take all of them at her house for the weekend. We thought about going to our favorite hotel again. But then we realized that would be a waste of money when all we needed was quiet and sleep with having 4 kids ages 2-8. We stay at home for the weekend, sleep in, eat (whatever we want) in front of the T.V., take naps. What?! Oh, and of course, I call my schmoopies at least twice a day because I miss them!