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Parenting Through the Generations-Millennial

I have always been intrigued by each generation, the strengths, differences, and similarities are so vast. I have a special interest in generational parenting, it amazes me to see the changes in parenting but also to take notice of the things that have not changed over time.

I thought and thought about how I would approach this subject and realized I couldn’t do it alone so I reached out to some blogging friends of mine and together we have created a month long Generational Parenting Series. Each Tuesday this month you will hear from a mother telling us her perspective on parenting. Look for a wrap up of my point of view on the last week.  I look forward to sharing this journey of motherhood with each of you.


Millenial Parenting as seen by Meghna Dixit


  • What do you feel is the biggest difference in the way you parent vs how
    your parents did?

The biggest difference between how I parent v/s how my parents did, are the available resources. To give you an example, my parents did not have, fancy car seat, comfy strollers, beautiful crib, or even all soaking diapers.

We are a very gifted generation. We are more educated, wealthier and more equipped with tools and resources than our previous generation, that makes our parenting way easier than what our parents did.

The second difference is the community feeling. It is said, it takes a village to raise a kid, and since I was raised in India in the 80s, so my parents raised me with lots of love in a joint family setup. My grandparents were always there to guide them, support them when needed. There was no concept of arranging playdates, we played freely in the neighborhood with the kids.

The third difference is diet. We ate fresh home cooked meals and there was no concept of pre-mixed, pre-packaged baby food or frozen dinner. Eating fruits picked fresh from the tree, sweet dish cooked in the granny’s kitchen and a balanced diet was a given. Part of Indian food wisdom, imparted and inherited. There was no multi vitamin, or formula milk or zillion cereals to be consumed. Food was natural and full of natural sugar, fiber and natural goodness.

  • What do you feel is/was the biggest obstacle in raising children in your

I won’t term it as obstacle but I would call it a challenge. The biggest challenge of our time is to teach value of Nature, Free-Play and sharing to our kids. Let’s face it, we are raising a higher IQ, entitled generation, who suffers from lack of attention, patience and want instant results. Lagging YouTube video can introduce a meltdown in the kids of today. They have the best of clothes, from the best of brands. They have apps spoon-feeding them knowledge that took us hours of surfing in public libraries.

In a scenario, like this, it is important to show them the basics. To teach them to be grateful, to be responsible, to be compassionate and kind and to play. Like, real outside play- not a supervised trip to the park but unabashed running and rolling on the grass. The simple joys of childhood. Biggest challenge is to retain the innocence of a child in this fast moving, information overload of a world we are living in today.

  • What do you believe is your generation’s
    downfall when it comes to parenting?

According to me, some of the biggest downfalls are:

  • Giving them presents instead of presence. Even when you are physically present with the kid, are you with him or are you on your phone?
  • Helicopter parenting – When we don’t let them be, we are not helping them develop their own personality.
  • Tech overload- Too much screen time, early introduction to video gaming, unsupervised social media exchange, they can really play with their developing brain and leave them scarred or even hurt in the long run

What do you think your generation does better than any other when it
comes to parenting?

I don’t think any generation is perfect when it comes to parenting. Because, parenting is not an exact science, it’s unique to the individuals, their children, their culture and background per say. Some of the things, we millennial parents are doing better than our predecessors are,

  • We have amazing knowledge base & support. We have tons of published material, blogs, counsellors and mentors to help us right from pregnancy to when the child gets to a college. So, it really makes it easier to identify a problem and provide a solution every time we get in a crossroad in our parenting. And then there is God Google to help, guide, even at the middle of night.
  • We are gentle parents. We don’t believe in spanking or extreme disciplinary tactics that were used by the parents before. Attachment parenting, Respectful parenting, Conscious parenting philosophy is new age. It helps us respect our kids more. It gives them more power and more acceptance. They don’t have to obey us , because we say so, they follow us because of their faith in us that we develop through our actions. It’s beautiful process and concept.
  • We are their best friends, siblings, and parents -all in one.  The relationship we share with our kids is not a one-way street. They are not born to follow our instructions and our dreams. We guide them, mentor them and have more fun while raising them. We go to holidays with them, weekends are longer now and we spend it with them, we are more open to having healthy conversation with them about sex, drugs, career and orientation without judging them or threatening them. This according to me is our plus point.

About : Meghna

I am a first-time Mom of a beautiful and feisty girl, based in Dubai, UAE. I have worked as the senior management executive in Human Resources for various reputed multinational firms in India & Oman till the late term of my pregnancy. I then took a break to bring my child to the world and raise her as a stay at home Mom.

My daughter is two years old and now and I am a work-at-home mom, excited cheerleader, un-domestic goddess, overly attached parent and a Sassy Lifestyle Blogger. I love to share my views, ideas, anecdotes and observations on motherhood & parenting, self-help & positive body image, makeup & grooming, relationship & marriage, women & child issues in a simplistic, relatable way.

My writing is very autobiographical, with deep, relatable, honest messages told with a slice of humor. My aim is to reach a wider audience through my craft. I sincerely believe that as women and mothers, we need each other to grow ourselves and to raise good humans for the next generation and this is me, doing my bit.

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  1. This is an intriguing post and as an empty nester who now has two millennial daughters, I believe this description is correct. But as a physician, who sees these young parents in my office with children who are not following the expected outcome of gentle parenting, I believe each parent needs to have another step. Plenty of time, young kids do not want to do things when it is time but in their own time, this is where I believe the gentle millennial parenting becomes an issue. I do believe kids need to do some tasks because they are told to…because it needs to be done now!

    At home and in general, I agree that gentle parenting can be used since you have unlimited time, but kids need to know that there are situations where they MUST say: Do this now. I have sadly witnessed moms trying to teach this for the first time in my office. It was not pretty.

    Will be interested to see what old school parents have to say in upcoming blogs!

  2. I agree that we have so many resources at our disposal as parents now. It’s a blessing and a curse sometimes because we know too much! But in the end, we all love our kids and want what’s best for them.