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Parenting Through The Generation Millennial Part 2

I have always been intrigued by each generation, the strengths, differences, and similarities are so vast. I have a special interest in generational parenting, it amazes me to see the changes in parenting but also to take notice of the things that have not changed over time.

I thought and thought about how I would approach this subject and realized I couldn’t do it alone so I reached out to some blogging friends of mine and together we have created a month long Generational Parenting Series. Each Tuesday this month you will hear from a mother telling us her perspective on parenting. Look for a wrap up of my point of view on the last week.  I look forward to sharing this journey of motherhood with each of you.

Today I bring you part 2 of our Millenial Parenting.


Millennials often get a bad rap. People say we’re lazy, and have a sense of entitlement, and can’t carry real face-to-face conversations because we’re too busy on our iPhones. Millennial Moms get it, too. People think we don’t spend enough time with our kids, or on the flip side, “hover” over our kids, and spend too much time painting a perfect picture for social media. Despite all of these criticisms, I’m proud to be a Millennial, especially a Millennial Mom, and feel that my peers and I prove those stereotypes wrong. Hopefully, my answers to the following questions will help you understand us a little better…

  • What do you feel is the biggest difference in the way you parent vs how your parents did?

Us Millennial Moms have the world at our fingertips, which is completely different from our parents. The technology we have today allows us to make connections with others and informed choices about what is best for our children and prevents us from feeling as isolated as our moms and grandmothers felt. If we’re unsure if our 9-month-old can eat seafood, we take 30 seconds to Google it. If we want to know if our son’s poop is normal, we take 30 seconds to Google it. There’s also endless Mom groups on Facebook that allow us to connect with moms across the country and globe, bringing encouragement to each other and making us a force to be reckoned with!

  • What do you feel is/was the biggest obstacle in raising children in your generation?

We have the world at our fingertips. Along with all of the positives of technology, come some negatives that make being a Millennial Mom a little challenging, the biggest being social media. While social media is an amazing way to keep in touch with friends and family, it is easy to get caught up in playing the “comparing game.” You know how it is. We all follow those moms on Facebook and Instagram that seem to have perfect lives – an amazing wardrobe, a hot spouse, a spotless home, a great bod, and manage to cook drool-worthy dinners each night. When we look around at our own lives, we think we pale in comparison, when really, the “perfect” moms are only showing us the highlight reel they want us to see. It’s so easy to get caught up in that and forget that we’re all human and everyone’s kids cry and fight and we’re all probably wearing the sweatpants we should have washed yesterday.

  • What do you believe is your generation’s downfall when it comes to parenting?

These damn phones!!!!!!!!!! I can’t tell you how many times each day I tell my husband to put down his phone and play with our kids. This might not be solely a Millennial thing, but I’ve seen so many parents straight-up ignore their kids because they’re on their phones. It makes me so sad. Whatever business or game or “checking in” you’re doing can wait; your kids will only want to play outside with you or tell you every single detail about their day for so long.

  • What do you think your generation does better than any other when it comes to parenting?

Millennial Moms (and dads) are more open and accepting and embrace different lifestyles and cultures than any other generation. We’re teaching our children that it’s okay if Sally has two moms or two dads, or if Sally is from India or Kenya. We’re teaching our children to love and embrace themselves and that it’s okay to be different, as long as they’re being kind to others and true to themselves. I believe there hasn’t been a generation before ours that has been so welcoming of all walks of life.

No matter what generation you identify with, there’s no doubt that parenting is tough, and there’s no one generation that knows it all. Perhaps all us Millennial Moms can do is take the parenting strengths from our grandparents and parents and do the best we can to not drown in the buckets of information we receive on a daily basis, and hopefully, we’ll raise kids who will do it better than we did.

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  1. My dad was super strict and this caused a lot of misunderstandings between us. It effected our relationship because he was old school, traditional but according from where he comes from. He had a hard time figuring me out during the teen yrs because he frowned upon my westernized ways.
    But now as a parent, i totally get where he’s coming from. My parenting is probably a mix between mine and what i have learned from my family. As much as it was tough growing up..the strengths and the tradition in how i grew up is such an important contributor to the person i am now for my kids.
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Proud millennial mama here, too! Totally agree with all of these answers. Technology is the best & worst of what we have as moms now.

  3. I’m a proud millennial mom too. You are so right, technology is both helping and hurting our families. Finding the perfect balance is key.

  4. My Dad shows affection the way he wished he got it from his parents- he has no regard for how each of my siblings and I like to be loved. I think love language is so important.

  5. This is a very interesting post. I am excited to read the entire series and I really love the collabs. In truth, those damn phones have really done a number on us. Learning the balance, everyday.