New Year-New You

New year, new you? New year, same you? New year, improved you?

If you didn’t hear, it is now a new year for new beginnings. The thought of a fresh start is so appealing. The idea of becoming better is right there at your fingertips. A new you finally within reach.

Why do we feel the pressure to evaluate everything on December 31? This isn’t the only day of the year when I acknowledge my shortcomings in my life. This isn’t the only day I reevaluate what the future holds. There are days etched into my mind that have forever changed me and detoured my plans, my goals and my life. Everyone has something that will always trigger self reflection, why not use that as your motivation. I can think of many things to change, improve, and reflect on any given day of the year. For some reason we are forced to swallow everything in one evening, make a resolution before the magical clock strikes midnight and makes all our dreams come true for 2017.

I have a little secret to share. The only real change that comes automatically  is the difficulty of remembering to write the correct year on your check. Checks? People still use those right? I truly believe in the importance of improving yourself, making goals and letting go of the bad in your life but shouldn’t we be doing this everyday? Should the change in a calendar year define who you are and who you will become this year? Or is it you that holds the power for change?

The idea of a fresh start is inspiring but its the decision you made for that change that is important. You are the one who has to wake up every morning and fight those habits, get to the gym, gently calm your anger, 2017 isn’t going to do it for you. It’s hard. I think this is why when Valentines Day rolls around and the new of the year has worn off,  so many people have forgotten the promises they made to themselves. The work was harder and we didn’t see instant results.  The change of the calendar isn’t as magical as we thought. I know this sounds disappointing, huh? But this actually is great news, guys!

“2017 isn’t going to do it for you”

The good thing about realizing this is knowing you are the one who will accomplish your list for 2017. You are the one who made an important decision in your life. If things are not working out exactly as you had planned make the adjustments, you have not failed. You do not have to wait for 2018 to try again, you can reset any day of the year.  Remember, the magic is in your choice, not the new year. You can wake up everyday, hit your daily goals and before you know it a week turns in a month and then you will be celebrating the end of 2017 and welcoming 2018 with open arms. Don’t give up.

Goals are always easier broken down into small bites, don’t let the pressure of instant results fool you. I have proclaimed a word of the year for myself “balance” I have already been making a point to focus more on my good than the bad but if I am being honest, this has highlighted the negative beliefs I have of myself. So with that I have decided each day I will tell myself two positive things and focus on one thing I would like to improve, example my patience with my kids or my procrastination. I will begin to balance my thoughts so I am able to improve my life without feeling overwhelmed. Think of your goals for the year. What will your word be?

“be the SAME you working daily on yourself to become an IMPROVED you”

As we start this new year together I encourage you to be the SAME you working daily on yourself to become an IMPROVED you.

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