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Is mom brain real?


I tend to forget things, not the big things but things. Something as simple as cooking food in a crockpot for 2 hours without it being turned on. Where I left my keys, my phone, my purse, my car, my sanity? Always asking myself questions; Did I shampoo my hair? What was I supposed to do today? What even is today? Why is my phone in the refrigerator? Why am I in this room? Where did all these kids come from? HA, on that last one but really they do keep multiplying.

Have you ever heard someone refer to their “mom-brain” after they have forgotten something? You keep checking with someone after you sent something and are cursing the post office on the late arrival until you look up and its still in your visor…..waiting to be mailed. Did you declare “mom-brain”? When you are rushing around trying to get everyone ready to avoid being late for yet another appointment, you get everyone loaded into the minivan and you hear “I don’t have shoes, I forgot to brush my teeth, I don’t have pants on” These were all obviously things on your to do list so is “mom-brain” to blame?

I know some pretty awesome mothers, they really are some special women. They each care for their family, they love their kids wholeheartedly and work tirelessly day and night. So why is it they forget their kid’s birthday? I do not know how many times I have tried to explain that I do love my kids after they tell me to try again on the date. I tend to get the boys mixed up, they are only 1 year apart cut me some slack. Mothers are smart, multitasking, productive people so why do we accidentally put hand soap on our toothbrush instead of toothpaste? Mom-brain, thats why.

mommy-brain. Noun.  A state in which a new mother is forgetful, absentminded, or easily distracted.

Did you know your brain grows after childbirth?  According to LiveScience “it remains unclear exactly why the brain grows, the researchers said it might be that an increase in hormones— including estrogen, oxytocin and prolactin — play a role.” These changes have an impact on a mother’s brain. It is real, guys. Science even says so.

Sleep deprivation is another huge player in our forgetfulness. It is pretty hard to remember the easiest of tasks when you are running on very little sleep and that little amount you managed to get was interrupted. Sleep is an important part of your health and wellbeing, as mothers we are lacking.

Stress also contributes to our being absentminded. You know the stress of a major life change, caring for and keeping a small little human alive? If you have older children add their care, the household, work, your husband and all the daily decisions you have to make. This can be overwhelming.

Multitasking is a factor in our distractions. As good as women are at multitasking, like all things it has it’s perks as well as downfalls. Studies show if you are arranging a playdate with a friend while you are making lunch you are more likely to forget the arrival time or place. Focusing on more than one thing at once makes it hard for our brain to store important information.

The good news is we can help fight the mommy-brain. If we just get more sleep, stop stressing and do one thing at a time. HA! Is there an instant button I can push to make this happen?

We do not have much control over the sleep our baby allows us to get during the middle of the night but there are a few things we can do to help catch up on some zzz’s. Stay off your phone before bed. Although it is nice to read 100 posts about the weather you can use that time to get a coveted 30 minutes more of sleep. I know it is easier said than done but if you are pushed to your max exhausted, sleep when the baby sleeps. Your kids need you refreshed more than they need an empty sink clear of any dishes.

As far as stress goes, this is a hard one. As mother’s we will always worry about the well being of our family. But I am here to tell you, you are doing a great job. Your child will thrive with the love you show him and he will not be affected by the pile of laundry that needs to be done. You are enough. So relax and enjoy that time together.

I do not think we can stop with doing 5 things at once. I am constantly doing and saying multiple things at all times of the day but we can help with the distractions. Write things down… the same place so you don’t forget where you left that sticky note. Keep your appointments, thoughts, and important events all in one easy to find place.

So whether you call it mom-brain, momnesia or simply your brain going to mush just remember you are not alone. Others out there have looked hours for their keys only to find them hanging on their light switch. You have not been the only one to get into the wrong van, or try to unlock the wrong front door.

Mommy moment and photo submitted by Jacqui

Our job as mothers is so very important, so always find joy in journey……the journey in the parking lot looking for your car.

Thank you to all the mommas who contributed with their best “mom-brain” moments.  Do you have a funny “mom-brain” moment? Drop a comment with your favorite.

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  1. I loved this post. My life today! I lost my keys this morning…almost late to school and found them in my pocket (that I was wearing) :(.

  2. I definitely have mom brain 🙂 it is also true though that it is best to stay away from electronics before bed because the blue light messes with our eyes and it is supposed to make it more difficult to fall asleep. I don’t remember the scientific reasoning but it’s there lol

  3. Wow! I’m not sure mine are funny, but I’ve left the front door wide open before, never went back to close after loading up the baby. I left the keys to my car in the ignition a few times, and we park on the street. I’ve put the half n half in cereal for my toddler. The list goes on! Mom brain is super real!!!


  4. Mommy brain is totally real. I don’t think it ever goes away. I really think you just get mom brain and it never changes back.

  5. This is such a GREEEAT post!! Mom brain is definitely real in my life, and I know that sleep deprivation and stress has a lot to do with it! This is so encouraging though, and it’s important to remember that the dishes can wait! <3 I do need to work on the no phone before bed!! Thanks for sharing

  6. Yes, multitasking is the enemy. I try hard to do one thing at a time if I can help it. Moms with kids around are already multitasking because the kids are likely saying “Mom, mom, mom? Moooom!” Who can think with all that?!

  7. This is awesome! I was so surprised at how long mommy brain stuck around… does it ever actually go away?! Getting longer chunks of sleep helped big time! I was frequently leaving things in the fridge, my keys, my cell phone, no idea why!

  8. “Momnesia”—love that term! LOL. I’m right there too. I need more sleep, to stop stressing, and to start doing one thing at a time. Such a good reminder of the basics that I often overlook because I’m always trying to cram in one. more. thing.

  9. This is seriously perfect!! All of it!! I tell my husband all the time, mom brain IS real Haha sharing this on Facebook because it’s just too good. Thanks for the laugh and glad to know that it is scientifically backed. Funny that our brain grows larger after childbirth but I feel sometimes it is the opposite 😉

  10. I think it is completely understandable why moms have “mom brain”…we have to much to keep up with on too many levels! It’s no wonder!

  11. Okay, so this is such a real problem lol for me a lot of the mommy brain comes from starting something and running to do something for the kiddo and then forgetting what I started beforehand. It’s a vicious thing but as long as we’re doing our best to keep the kiddos alive…