Meet Kayla

Hi there, I am so glad you have found my blog. I hope you look around and find things that make you happy and hungry. I am a true believer that being full leads to happiness, I hope we are all on the same page here! We are? Great, keep reading……..

There are a few words that are used often to describe me; mom, wife, daughter, sister, and friend. I take pride in each one of these. I do not claim to be perfect at any of these titles, I have my strengths and shortcomings in each area. One thing I can say for certain is I love this life I have been blessed with, chaos and all. I have been a wife for almost 8 years and a mom for 7, these two titles I cherish most.  Our life hasn’t always been easy we have struggled and overcame many things together but through it I have learned my greatest lessons and grew personally, so for this I can only remain thankful.

I have always read blogs and thought “Wow, this is great. I wish I could do something like that” but I felt I couldn’t so I pushed it aside for years. I have talked to my sweet husband a few times about it and one day while we were talking he said “Just do it” So simple, just do it? Hm never thought of that. So it made me think about the possibilities that lay ahead and here we are. I figured it was time I try something for myself, not being a natural “writer” I have struggled with gaining the courage to get this started but I am so glad I have finally hit “publish”.

So here we are meeting for the first time and we barely know each other, do you want to get to know me a even better? Let me give you a super quick rundown, here it goes……..I am a ridiculously proud wife, homeschooling momma, coffee addict, amateur chef, highly motivated by food, Gilmore Girls fanatic, hater of laundry, lover of sarcasm and now writer. I love to talk……like a lot. You know the saying “She could talk to a brick wall” yeah, that was actually first spoken about me (that’s not true but for dramatics sake we will keep it in here) I am a huge fan of people, I love to meet them and get to know their stories. I am a fixer by nature and I love when people are happy. I find humor in most things in life and love to laugh. I live on caffeine and the love from my family.

PHEW, that about covers it, thanks for being here talk to you soon! 🙂

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