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Hello, I’m here!

You know that feeling of all your nerves, fear and excitement bubbling to the surface? When you are unsure of what will happen but you know you won’t find out unless you try. Insert me smack in the middle of all the feels when I decided to start this blog. Will anyone read what I write, do I really have anything to say, will the 7 people who subscribe this like what I am sharing? Honestly, who knows……..but I am going for it anyway!

{You only have 3 choices}

I have wanted to have a blog for a while now, being told over and over again that people would love to read the chaos that surrounds my daily life (each one of you who told me that better be reading this). I am looking forward to sharing with all of you not only the craziness of the happenings in the Burch household but also recipes, crafts funnies and other little tidbits. I hope to fill this blog with humor, fun and love.

Our schedule is flexible and our daily grind is pretty simple, we do not follow any complex guidelines here.

  • We like our food home cooked, delicious and comforting.
  • We go for fun and togetherness during the day, while relaxing at home is our perfect date night.
  • Parenting goals; teaching our kids to be kind, honest, hard working adults.
  • Repeat, “Do not loose your mind today” {my daily mantra}

…………see simple!

We live an imperfect life full of twists and turns. I never know what will happen when my feet hit the floor each morning but I do know I love the life I live. Every second of our busy, crazy life is messy exhausting and full of love. So get ready for some interesting stories that only my family can pull off (lucky me). I am so thankful to have you on this journey with me……… let’s get to it friends!!

{We are basically BFF’s now, thanks for reading!}

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