Good Friends, Great Friendships

Some people like to say to keep your circle small but not me. I am blessed with many friendships that span from coast to coast and everywhere in between. I cherish each relationship no matter how often we talk or see each other.

Friendships are so incredibly important.  I have met many people in my life who have left an impact on me, some of them I have never even met in person.  With the many stages of life comes new people.  People to learn and grow with, people who support and encourage, people who are there with you even in your darkest times.  It is amazing the influence we as friends have on each other.

the long distance friend

This friend is someone who you do not see often but you know if always just a phone call or text away. You may have met at an event and clicked instantly or could be a lifelong friend who decided to move across the country. The bond you share can stretch for miles so it doesn’t matter how many coffee dates you are missing together. You know this friendship can withstand the distance.

Virtual friends

Have you guys heard of Facebook? You may have, it seems to be catching on. Well over at FB there are some groups out there that are meant to bring people together. They offer support, information, encouragement and friendships. I am apart of a group of outstanding women whom I have never met, I have seen them come together to support members after child-loss, during a divorce, during tragedy and offering support on countless topics. We were brought together by our August due dates and over the last few years have formed some pretty amazing friendships. These women help and inspire me more than I can say.

Common interest friends

These are friends where you come together because you have something in common. It could be a special interest, job, hobby, whatever it is you can relate to each other. My husband is a LEO, some people may not understand the type of stress that can be put on a family.  I am lucky enough to have a group of strong, likeminded men and women who offer support to each other. No matter what, we get it. We have felt the fear, the worry, we have went to countless holidays and events alone due to long work hours. No one knows the life of a LEOW better than another LEOW.


Your friend soulmate. Your always there, no questions asked, already knows what you are thinking friend. You could have known this person for years or you may have just met them no matter the length of your friendship you are in it for thick and thin. Your no boundary, talk any time of day, weird gift exchange relationship will make your husband roll their eyes. You often wonder how many people would question your sanity if they overheard your conversations. A best friend listens when you speak and they hear the words you don’t say. You feel each other’s pain and joys. You may even think to yourself how you made it through this crazy world without her.

{Matching fanny packs and BFF Shirts=Friend Goals}

mom friends

This group is super special. These are your ladies. They get it, they too have felt the pain of accidentally running out of coffee at the worst possible time. You can bond over diapers, breastfeeding, bottles, baby wearing, the spit up on your shirt. The similarities between mothers are endless but what is even better is our differences. These differences can help you learn and grow in your parenting. Your momma friends can help you discover new things about this crazy adventure of parenthood while showing encouragement along the way.

the busy friend

We all have her, the friend that is so incredibly busy it is like trying to lasso a fly to pin down a date. When you finally do, it’s like no time has passed at all. You pick up where you left off and talk about all the new and exciting things that have been happening. Before you know it hours have passed and the waitress is tapping her finger asking if she can refill your water for the 30th time. You leave happy and vowing to not wait so long next time, only to repeat the same cycle over the next year until you meet again.

{photo credit: Single Dad Laughing}

There are many different types of friends. You were put into each others lives for a purpose, always at the right time. Grab that phone and get in touch with your friends. Friendships are good for the soul so cherish and nurture them.

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Comments (7)

  1. Lots of mom friends over here, haha, and it’s nice to have those people who just understand when things get tough with the kiddos! Having lots of friends is nice, because someone will always be there! Thanks for sharing <3

  2. Great post! I’ve started to make more virtual friends this year too and it’s totally enriched my life. Never thought I would become friends with people I’d never met in person! Also, I have one more category of friends to add – the friend from another generation. I now have friends in their 50s who can provide a different perspective on things. Age is nothing but a number.

  3. Love this! And it’s so true. I have one long distance friend who I rarely talk to….but she is one of my closest friends in many ways and when we get together twice a year I couldn’t be happier! I’ve started making virtual friends this year, though I have a harder time telling how close those relationships are/can become. But I look forward to finding out!

  4. I have always had a large network and in the past few years I have started to narrow my circle because I had always watched other moms to do this and I saw how well it worked for my kids. Of course, I still have a large network, but it has been interesting to narrow it, especially because I find I want to be alone so much with perimenopause.