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Child-like Forgiveness

I want to be more child-like. Isn’t it amazing how a child sees you? How they view you through those innocent eyes. Their ability to show you unfailing love. The unparalleled forgiveness they give.   Do you ever think you should be more like a child?

a child’s heart is inspiring.

A child allows so much grace when you fall a little short. While you are being hard on yourself, they are extending grace. They speak forgiveness when you react with a harsh tone. They somehow always see the best of you, even when you can’t even begin to believe it yourself.

Just this week my kids said some things that really stuck with me. Mav broke one of M’s toys and she was upset. Maxx comforting her tells her “Don’t worry sissy, daddy will fix it. Daddy can fix anything.” I thought wow, he really believes in his daddy. My husband is a very talented and handy man, I rely on him to fix most things but everything? I can only wish to show as much faith as Maxx.

The things they observe is absolutely amazing. A few nights ago while reading a story we started talking about how much we love daddy. M jumps in and says “Nobody loves daddy more than mommy” This made me think about all the things they take away from my relationship with Keith, while it made me beam with joy knowing my love for him shows it also made me think of the things they over look.

Wouldn’t it be nice to see the good in everything? To always see the best in others rather than focusing on their flaws. I know my relationship with Keith isn’t perfect but my kids only file away the good while overruling any of the negative. Keith isn’t able to fix everything but Maxx sure believes in his ability, so why don’t we do these things? Why can’t we be more child-like?

They are not always happy with us as parents. I will be the first to tell you I am not perfect, I raise my voice entirely too much but they don’t doubt us, never question our love for them. Holding a grudge is not something they do. Do I hold too many grudges?

I know my children can get really upset when something of theirs gets broken or lost. You don’t hear them bringing up the toy you broke and throwing it in your face three weeks later. They extend forgiveness. Do I extend enough forgiveness?

I know I do not show the grace and forgiveness as I should. I know my voice can be too harsh and my anger last too long. I am striving to follow the example set by my children. Although they are not slow to anger, they are most certainly quick to forgive.

All of these traits are what we as adults seek. I know for myself this to be true. I am making it a priority to be more like a child so I can lead my family by example. I want them to not only see the love I have for them and their daddy but also the forgiveness, grace and faith.

You are not always the teacher in the household. Your children have many valuable lessons to share, just take notice.

Your children have many valuable lessons to share, just take notice.


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  1. I love this! I’m always surprised what my 3yo says, especially about people in our family. He picks up on quite a few things and it’s reassuring to see that we’re demonstrating respect toward each other.

  2. I think somewhere along the way we get lost with the hurt and pain of trying to survive in a world that favors the hard hearted that we completely lose our ability to be a child. I still remember the days when I see life through rose coloured glasses and filling only the good in my mind. I often wonder, when I stopped believing In the wonders of life.

  3. How sweet is that! Kids are so innocent and it only adds to the beauty of childhood. It’s so nice that they believe in your hubby so much too!