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Meet the crew

My family gives me so much joy, take my breath away, be still my heart, overflowing joy. One thing I have always known is I wanted to do motherhood and I wanted to do it with my whole heart. I have an amazing mother who put me first in all things and I wanted to reflect that in my own mothering. So lets meet the ones who I treasure.


    {The fam}
  photo credits to Elle.Bea.Photography


We will start with Keith, my hubby. I have been crushin’ on this man since high school. Even at the young age of 15 I knew this was the guy I was going to marry. He is strongest, funniest, most hard headed, determined, loving and perseverant man I know. He works hard everyday for our family and loves us fiercely, I can not express my appreciation for the life we have built. We have been through so much in our life together but we have made it through each obstacle with a new sense of self. I am so blessed to be married to this man. I know this is sappy, boy does he hate sappy but it’s truth.

My children are fun, making everyday a new adventure. They are hilarious sometimes like “Haha, I made a funny joke”  funny and sometimes like “Haha, lets all laugh and appreciate the fact we are not dealing with that absolute disaster” funny. Seriously the things these kids think of….well lets just say I could write a book or seven.

There is so much I could say about each of my children but I will just give you a quick look, we will start with MaKenzie, the oldest. Geez, I love this girl! She is so smart, compassionate, and freaking funny. She doesn’t even know how funny she is which usually makes whatever she says even funnier. She cares deeply, so so deep. This girls feels everything and she shows it by sharing compassion and love. I absolutely adore this about her.  Oh yeah, she is the extremely safety oriented. Do not break a rule around her, I repeat DO NOT do it….this is for your own good!

Maxx is our middle child, he is awesome. He is the perfect mixture of sweet and mischievous. He loves to cuddle you but also likes to do really sneaky stuff. He is completely fearless which induces more fear in me for our future. He will try anything once and if that fails he will try it again and again just in case it works the next time. He is super smart, like mechanically smart. The things this kid can do amaze me (not always helpful in the keeping of sanity though). He keeps our life fun and keeps us guessing on whats going on in that mind of his. I just love him and his sweet and crazy spirit.

Maverick is our baby (for now) and he is hungry, I mean this kid could eat any minute of the day. He is also our wild child,  at the sweet age of 2 he loves an argument. He will disagree with anything you say just for fun. He is always getting into trouble with his antics and he simply doesn’t even care.  He is also so incredibly sweet and loves to cuddle “I want you momma, hold me” are the words that melt my heart…..daily! This boy pushes me to my limits in both the sanity and love categories……..I love his little personality.

I just love how each child has such a different personality and temperament. I was chosen to parent the best, I am not sure how I became so lucky.


SURPRISE photo credits to Elle.Bea.Photography


Oh but why is M holding an ultrasound picture you ask? Seems weird I thought you said you were done having children? Oh you just thought you were? HAHAHAHAHA, it is just so funny when we try to make up our own plans isn’t it?!  We found out we will be adding baby #4 to our family in 2017!! What a fun, unexpected, welcomed and exciting surprise.

So that is it for now. Just a glimpse into my little tribe.

Trust me…..more stories about them are coming your way!