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Bittersweet Walnut Grove Review and Giveaway

Winter Thyme

Meet the Authors

“Growing up, we were always at the end of mom’s apron looking to see what she was whipping up next. Mom was never afraid to let us experience creativity. Our projects began with fabric scraps and leftover pie crust. From simple beginnings to ballet slippers, tap shoes, balance beams, batons, french horn., paint brushes and basketball to sewing machines and cameras. Kristy and Tiffany now share their projects and passions across the globe.  Mom is with us every step of the way sharing advice and encouragement. For us publishing Bittersweet Walnut Grove is not as important as the experience we hope to share with you.” The sisters over at Bittersweet Walnut Grove have created a cookbook series reflecting the seasons and life on the farm. Part of the book’s description says “Cranberries, cinnamon, vanilla, peppermint and nutmeg……bring the flavors of winter onto the table with Bittersweet Walnut Grove’s Winter Thyme.” I do believe this book takes you to the farm on a chilly winter’s day and wraps you in like talking to a good friend.

What I love.

I had the opportunity to review Bittersweet Walnut Grove’s Winter Thyme Cookbook. I loved the feel of this book from the moment I looked at the cover. It looks inviting and full of some homecookin’. I am a sucker for comfort food. I cook simple yet delicious recipes at home and am always on the hunt for more. This cookbook says comfort from cover to cover. This isn’t only a cookbook it is also filled with crafts and stories. The stories the sisters share are very inviting and rich with life on the farm. Throughout the whole cookbook you will feel like you are talking to family and swapping recipes around the table. I love the little added tips they call “Sister Secrets” these just add an extra little touch to each page. The crafts are very simple to make. You can make most with things you already have lying around your house. The added extras in the back of the book were a nice surprise. You can cut these out and attach them to mason jars to attach to the gifts you have made from the book. The easy to read layout makes it perfect for navigating from page to page. Large, clear font makes it easy to stay with the recipe while cooking and the pictures are just mouth-watering. Each recipe has a Gluten Free option. This is so great so you don’t have to try to make your own adjustments, it is already provided for you.

What I didn’t love

This book is sold for $25.00 UPDATE* (You can purchase the autographed book which includes shipping or you can purchase a copy for $19.00) and is 71 pages +6 front and back pages of added craft and gift tag extras. In those 71 pages there are 20 recipes and 10 craft projects and gift ideas. Although I loved each one printed I would have liked to have seen more recipes throughout the book for the price.  The only other thing I would change would be that some of the craft and gift tags were not front and back so you didn’t have to choose on which one to use. Update* (You can photocopy or print these printables from Bitter Sweet Walnut Grove.)


This was a great cookbook with recipes and crafts for all levels. Nothing was too difficult for the novice home cook and everything was delicious enough for the more seasoned chef. I loved the pictures, stories and tips presented and I think the Sisters did a wonderful job putting this cookbook together. If I could change anything it would be the $25.00 price tag. If you enjoy a cookbook that will take you to the farm with good stories, recipes and crafts this is a great choice.  

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